2017 Kitchen Design Trends

2017 is looking like it’s going to be an amazing year for the kitchen industry if the predicted trends are anything to go by. 1. Quartz Worktops- People will upgrade to quartz worktops 2. The Industrial Look- This trend was originally set in Scandinavia and is going to boom this year with exposed brick, exposed pipes, rustic metals and minimalist furniture. Lots of Wood, Stone and Concrete. 3. Handleless units are set to continue their popularity this year. 4. Clutter Free Worktops- Creating shelves to hold spices, oils and tea/coffee & sugar. Also having clear worktops will create an illusion of space. 5. High quality storage solutions for larder units, again helping to keep the minimalist look. 6. Monochrome Tones- The rise of colours such as grey, black and white will take over from the simple grey of 2016. 7. Modern painted cabinets- An up to date take on the traditional painted look with a less chunky and more streamline style. 8.Copper Accents- From handles to accessories and appliances. 9. Modern Technology- Technology will spread into our kitchens with integrated bluetooth speakers, phone chargers and pop up sockets. 10. Range Cookers- 2017 will be the year where range cookers are more attractive, fashionable and the dream appliance. Have you got any of these on your wish list for 2017? Kreative can help you with all of the above trends. Give us a call on 01234 300023.