Top tips on how to transform your kitchen into a modern design

Here at Kreative Kitchens, we know that transforming your kitchen to have a modern look can be a daunting task, sometimes you will want a completely new kitchen but it doesn’t always mean, as most people think, that you replace everything with modern designs.

It can simply mean changing the look of some of the components of the kitchen. Due to constant use, the kitchen is one place that loses its pristine appearance faster than the other rooms in the house. Here at Kreative Kitchens we can either help design and supply you with a brand new kitchen or we can help you transform your kitchen to look like the modern day kitchen.

If you do not quite have the budget for a whole new kitchen then think about some of these tips to help you out in the meantime but make sure to keep us bookmarked though for that time you are ready for that big change!

1. Have the cabinets painted
By painting your cabinets, you can give a great and new look to your kitchen the cheapest and the quickest way possible. Let it have a cream background and make choice of the best colours that are now available. With a quick coat of paint, you can modernize your kitchen more than you imagine. If done properly, you’ll be amazed how simply and efficiently you can give your cabinets a facelift to match that of modern cabinets. So, instead of carrying a complete overhaul, use this trick to cut costs.

2. Replace the worktops
Do you know that changing the existing worktops in your kitchen can affect a dramatic change? Well, now you know it does. The cheaper option is the laminate. Additionally, if you have more cash to spare, think of heat rods. For a permanent pan stand, these rods can be fitted into the surface. Alternatively, get a draining board that is built-in.

3. Come up with a feature wall
Addition of vibrancy and colour to an old kitchen by the use of wallpaper can dramatically change your kitchen to look like freshly installed. There are two options that you can think about. First, you can have the whole wall covered and second, you can create a feature wall. The second option is cheaper but still provides the kind of look you’re looking for. One important fact to note is that the choice of wallpaper must be resistant to steam and heat. 

4. Introduce some accessories
By adding some accessories to your kitchen, you can instantly brighten its look. The choice of theme should have the capacity to provide a uniform look. You can have selected items on display by placing them on the open shelves. You can also reorganize the worktop in order to put the favourite accessories on display.

5. Change the handles and doors of the cabinets
By replacing the existing doors and handles of your cabinets with more modern-looking options, you can tremendously make cabinets appear modern. Alternatively, you can replace the base and wall cupboard doors of the kitchen to get that fresh look. Have the handles and doors replaced with sleek white alternatives and get that feel of modernity. 

6. Make better use of your kitchen storage
Over the years, there is so much that we can accumulate. By sorting out the kitchen cupboards, you can have your kitchen appear new again by reorganizing everything. Another unexpected way of getting a more recent look is to clear the worktops. You should also rethink the idea of changing or adjusting the kitchen storage solutions. Make use of every single available space in your cupboards.

These are just a few ways you can try to modernise your kitchen for a little less cost if however, you are really ready to take that big step and make a real change to get a brand new kitchen then give us a call as soon as possible! Either wat Kreative Kitchens would love to help you take a step in the right direction and create your dream kitchen.