6 Kitchen Designing Tips from the Design Team at Kreative Kitchens

There are so many things to keep in mind when redesigning your kitchen, but there are a few tips that our team at Kreative Kitchens have found particularly relevant in our recent work. Below are six kitchen designing tips that you should consider when revamping your kitchen and why!

Wide walkways

Wide walkways make everything easier and less cluttered or opt for an entirely open design if you have space. You can still create a cosy feel with the decor, but a decent width is needed for cooking areas and high traffic zones. 36 inches should be minimum for a regular walkway, then 42” for kitchens with just a single cook, and 48” for a busy kitchen.

Make things accessible

From considering the height and placement of appliances such as the microwave to planning your storage to assist ease of use, the little things you can plan now save time and energy later. Keep plates, cutlery and cups in cupboards near to the dishwasher, knives and chopping boards by the countertop surface you’d most like to use for preparing food and wraps and foil in handy slots or drawers near to any flat surface ready to wrap leftovers quickly.

Plan Each Surface Purpose

Know what you’re going to do where and you’ll save yourself a tonne of trouble later. One thing to consider is the purpose of your kitchen island, and whether you plan it to function as just a food preparation area or if you intend to use it as a breakfast bar, or another central focal piece of your kitchen (you can add chalkboard walls to the underside for the kids, for instance). If you wish to use it for dining, however, ensure you leave enough space for the cook to prepare food while others sit and eat.

Calculate Your Countertops

Allow 15 inches of space either side of the hob and refrigerator, and more space between the sink and your range if you require more counter surface. If you have kids you might also want to consider having countertops at two heights so they can get involved in the cooking.  

Place Your Pans

Arranging the cooking area around the hob can offer good ways to utilise space in your kitchen, as well as keep all your vital tools and ingredients in the right area. Add shelving by your hob to store oils, utensils and cooking herbs and spices, so that everything you need is all within reach for efficient cooking. You can also hang frequently used pans overhead using S Hooks to attached to the range hood, saving both time and space.

Make Materials Interesting

For a unique and interesting kitchen design, break up areas of wood or plastic with other materials such as glass, stone or another contrasting texture. This adds to the feel of your kitchen and can be used for drawing attention to certain areas, utilising windows to show off expensive glasses or crockery or putting the focus on the kitchen island.

We hope you enjoyed our six top tips, and come back again soon for more from our team.