7 Tips for Creating An Open-Plan Kitchen-Diner

Today we will give you these 7 design ideas that will help you to create and design your open plan living room kitchen. These days open plan living is getting more and more prominent and it has helped to social activities like cooking. But to completely nail your plan for this new open plan kitchen dining family room you will need these tips.


1)     Try to plan out your space before taking decision


Before doing anything, you must look out for space and find out how much furniture you could insert into the place. if you are lacking space you could even think about taking out a wall that is obstructing your open plan living room kitchen. This also would help you to get an estimated revenue that you would have to spend.


2)     Find perfect layout


After planning out space, you can now plan for where you want to keep your cabinets and furniture. You should design a layout that utilizes the space best and is not crammed up as well. You should also decide what type of furniture like chair tables you would like to get which gives your open plan kitchen a modernistic and convenient look. On top of this, you should also install dining table in such a way that it feels like a more social occasion.


3)     Colour Scheme


The colour scheme of your furniture should complement the colour of your walls and kitchen cabinets. You can go with a modernistic look like using aluminium alloy metal appliances or stainless steel appliances complimented with grey and white combination of furniture and walls.


4)     Light


You should also think about the light sources of that would illuminate your open plan kitchen which would be preferred to be natural lighting. Your room should have adequate light from outside which can be achieved by changing your windows and doors. The more light would enter the room more beautiful and spacious would it feel.


5) Install more sliding drawer compartments


By installing sliding drawer compartment, you can save a lot of space and it would also help you to store more items without filling a lot of space with storage cabinets.


6) Use air freshener


Fresh air will add a different aura to your open plan kitchen and would also help to curb some of the smells or fragrances which you can get while cooking.


7) Use some professional help


Although these ideas would really help you to get the best out of your plans, but a professional opinion is always better as they could help you solve the problems you are facing and can even give you some inspiration better ideas. We hope these kitchen diner family room ideas give you some inspiration for your next kitchen transformation ideas, to build the open plan kitchen of your dream. Give us a call on 01234 300 023 or fill out our contact form if you have any further questions.