4 Killer Tips to Make Kitchen Planning a Breeze

Remodeling your kitchen can be exciting and fun, but it can cause tears later if you don’t do the proper planning. Wanting a large granite covered island sounds great in theory, but needing space to move and therfore having an open plan kitchen might be the better option for your family.

Thoroughly thinking it through before hard-charging your kitchen remodel can save money and heartache later on. That’s why we’ve collaborated with NVS Kitchen and Bath, a kitchen designer and renovator from the US, to put together four key tips we think you should keep in mind when planning your kitchen remodel project!

1. Think Storage

The biggest complaint people make after their finished kitchen remodel is that they didn’t plan for more storage space. A great layout can look good on paper, but if it doesn’t do the job, it will cause some stress (and cramped cabinet space) down the road. Make sure to sit down and figure out all the storage you need. More storage could mean adding a walk-in pantry to your kitchen or getting a hidden spice rack or hanging pot holder. Either way, more storage the better when planning the layout!

2. Light The Way

What good is a kitchen if you can’t see it? Yup, many people complain about lack of lighting in their kitchen. Nothing beats natural lighting, but if you can’t add a window or the sun doesn’t reach that side of the house, you will need to consider some good lighting options. The options you have with lighting these days won’t leave you in the dark, and you don’t have to have all the lights on all the time. It is better to have too much light than not enough.

3. Make Way, Make Way, For Appliances

There is no such thing as too much countertop space. Make sure to give yourself room to work when designing your new kitchen. People forget how much room a coffee maker or a mixer can take up when they go to figure out their layout. Make sure to keep in mind everything you keep on the counters and things you might add to the list later.

4. Functional Flooring

Remember to look low when planning your kitchen project. A lot of people choose flooring that looks good yet isn’t user-friendly when it is actually installed. Looks can be deceiving because what looks good might not always be the best choice for your family. Make sure to ask your designer what floors are the easiest to clean and which ones aren’t as slippery (if you have little ones). You can find great looking flooring options that fit your needs and wants.

Remember – designing your dream kitchen can and should be fun! Choosing the color choices and browsing ideas online can be exciting, but can also keep you from considering options that will actually make a difference and often design experts can give you some real tips on what materials and functionality might work best for you. Make sure you keep these tips in mind before you make your final decision, and don’t be left in the dark on your kitchen remodel!

If you’d like to find out more about how the designers at Kreative Kitchens can help you with your next kitchen remodel, call the team now on 01234 300023 or leave us a message via our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Beautiful bi-fold door installation in Bromham

This recent kitchen renovation project in Bromham, just ten minutes away from our showroom in the heart of Bedford, was another beautiful transformation, in which we incorporated new bi-fold doors and elegant curved worktops and cupboards to create this stunning finish.

Over the course of 2017, the Kreative team have seen bi-fold doors drastically increase in popularity, and here you can see why. These sleek PVC bi-fold doors completely open up the kitchen space, allowing the curves on the interior décor to virtually extend into the outdoors and the furniture to utilise the floor space available, without feeling like the table in cramped in the corner.

The light that these doors will also let into the kitchen will also continue to brighten and open up the space, reflecting off the glossy, white cabinets and kitchen walls.

The cabinets and worktops that our kitchen fitters were chosen by our design team as the homeowner in Bromham wanted a kitchen worktop that flowed seamlessly throughout the room and connected the living area with the main cooking area.

The cabinets are made of sleek and easy to clean plastic material that also help create the modern feel of the room and the Quartz worktop was chosen for its resilience and similar sleek appearance. The primary kitchen features are all incorporated into the cupboards and cabinets for efficient use of space, keeping the worktops clear and neat, as well as adding to the chic aesthetic.

Finally, the client fell in love with our pretty pink kitchen appliances, such as the matching kettle and toaster which sit happily in the centre of the kitchen, where they are easily accessible for a quick cuppa anytime!

The kitchen fitting combined with the bi-fold door installation was an incredible success in terms of our customer’s satisfaction, and we couldn’t be happier with their response as well as the end result.

If you are looking to have your kitchen renovated and like what our design team achieved when working with this client, get in touch with our team to find out what sort of other designs we could offer you. We always work bespoke on every project, so whatever style you’re looking for, our kitchen designers have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the best layout and materials to use to achieve the kitchen of your dreams!

If you’d also like to browse more of our past projects, click here, or you can follow our blog where we will be frequently posting more case studies of the work we’ve done in and around Bedford. To find out more about the kitchen renovations we do, visit our kitchens page

7 Small Home Interior Design Changes To Easily Revamp Your Home

Could your flat do with a little spruce up? Do your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom lack that something that brings them together? Does the design really appeal and make you happy? As most homeowners would agree, building a house is already a challenge but creating a visually appealing living space can be a tricky task. Some do succeed, but many fail.

So, if you are looking for ideas on how to leave your house looking fresher and better, here are some small changes that you might want to make for an amazing home makeover.

1. Colour Your Switch Plates

It is part of your daily routine to turn on and off your lights at home. And most likely, you have ignored these tiny plates of plastic probably because of its bland colour. However, you can brighten up your room by adding colour to your wall plates. You can even make the colour match the surrounding furniture to make the light switch a bit prominent. A switch plate will be hard to miss when it is eye-catching.

2. Modify Your Lighting Fixtures

Whether it is your overhead pendant light or a table lamp, giving your fixtures a makeover can make a huge difference to your room’s style and lighting. With just a simple glue gun, decorative materials, and creativity, you can turn your dull lampshade into an elegant masterpiece.

A cheaper and easier alternative is to add a light dimmer switch to white bulbs for a more dramatic look when the lighting is switched on – or simply switch the lamp shade for something more glamorous!

3. Add Better Window Treatments

Curtains and window panels can transform the look of a living space with little effort from you. Elegant Roman shades, for example, not only add an air of sophistication but also help maintain your privacy and regulate the amount of sunlight that enters your home. This feature is especially beneficial for furniture items set close to the window. Too much exposure to sunlight can cause upholstery colours to fade after all, so save your sofas with a little extra shade!

Curtain panels can provide a more colourful and textured alternative if you opt for patterned designs. Solid colours, on the other hand, bring raw elegance to any space.

4. Enhance with Metallic Details

Do you think that your coffee table falls flat against the rest of the decoration? If you do, then you can make your old furniture look new by simply lining it with gold leaf or silver coating. Not only will your furnishings turn out fresh and new in no time, they will also look aesthetically luxurious and alluring.

5. Reupholster with New Fabric

If you have old cushions, sofas, and armchairs, then you might want to give those a makeover by changing the covering and padding or stuffing. Sure, it can be a daunting task, but upholstering your old cushioned chairs with new fabric or vinyl is rewarding. Not only do you get to salvage old furniture, but you get to save a lot more money by doing so.  

6. Upgrade Your Door knobs

Essentially a major part of your house, you grab doorknobs more frequently than you care to notice. Whether it is the door that leads to your bedroom or bathroom, changing doorknobs is an awesome way to giving a new-look to your home interior. You can do the same with cabinet handles as well.

7. Upgrade Kitchen and Bathroom Taps

Do your kitchen and bathrooms still have old and dated taps?

You might want to replace them with new ones for a touch of freshness in your home. Taps, even the most elaborate kind, are cheaper than a complete bathroom overhaul or a new bathtub. So it’s one of those changes that costs a little but adds a lot.

But before dashing off to the shops, you might want to check out some of our sleek fitted kitchen and bathroom designs to give you an idea of how you might want your space to look as a whole!  

You can also check out some new home designs from housing experts I Build New, who collaborated with us to create this article, who should also provide some awesome inspiration. So do take these 7 ideas (and any others you think of – get creative!) and not only make your house a bit more stylish, but accomplish an easy revamp as well. Get inspired!

Using the Dewey Shade System to create the perfect interior design

Exactly what is the Dewey Shade System?

This shade system concept was designed by Sadka Dewey and its purpose is to reveal connection between colour choice and an individual’s personal features. It is an individual analysis system that helps individuals recognise traits within themselves with particular colours and this helps them re-discover themselves.


Accordance to the designer, this device is more advanced than comparable systems such as the Myers-Briggs. Associating oneself with your own specific colour, you will have the ability to recognise on your own personality in a much deeper way.  You can then set objectives based upon exactly what you really want or need, not just what culture or fashion expects of you. The personality test system focuses on what you like as well as what you dislike because this is what truly defines who you are.


So what has this got to do with interior design?

This shade system includes 2 groups each containing 3 shades consisting of blue, red, purple, magenta, indigo and a few extra. Along with each shade is a personality type. As an example, thinkers drop under purple/blue. The system covers a total amount of 9 fundamental personalities.


If you like a particular colour it is said that you will carry that individual characteristic. Nonetheless, if you do not like it then it is said that this is your weak energy. The purpose of the shade choice approach to help people initially recognizes their individual characteristics prior to taking part in something they would rather not be doing, like work. So your environment could be designed to suit your colour system and personality.

Enough about science, let’s hit the bedroom

A bedroom is a place where everyone loves to relax and be lazy after his or her hard day. Bedroom decoration is the prime focus for every homemaker so be sure to incorporate some of the methods used in the Dewey colour system by choosing an interior and matching bedroom furniture that suits your personality traits.


Most people want a perfect look for their bedroom, and often strive to make it an innovative and creative reflection of themselves. Painting your bedroom at regular intervals is also very important. It is not only important to change the look of the room but also to keep your room walls healthy and happening. Painting and adding the right furniture for your bedroom will for sure transform your bedroom into the perfect space for you.


If you are planning to improve your house or design a new house or house, you must know what the costs involved are to help get yourself a good deal. It is not cheap to get furniture for the house and you have to maintain a proper budget for this. If you do not plan for it before, it can cost you a lot more than you ever thought. The average cost of the house furniture depends on many factors: the colours, quality, brand, the number of rooms to improve, etc.


Whether it’s a rented place or owned property, home is the place we all try to make our own, even if we just decorate or update a few things. For instance, when we buy a new television set, a good TV stand (which apart from being a necessity) also is an opportunity to add some personalisation to the living room. And when moving into a bought property, we’ll often find ourselves fine tuning every design detail until our house really feels like home.


There is always an emotional attachment to a place where one lives. And this is the reason we take every possible step for making the rooms we live in beautiful. If your budget is not huge, you can go for buying cheap furniture which will help you design your home comfortably in a decent way. However, care has to be taken that you do not compromise on quality.


What about interior designers?

Calling a professional interior designer obviously can help add some more style to your house and offer you guidance if you are unsure about what features will help you achieve the feel you want – but make sure you choose an interior designer that is accredited . They should be well trained and experienced, and if so will be full of room decorating ideas that can change the complete look of your place.


However hiring the designer can be costly and can increase your budget. Deciding a budget in advance is therefore very important as it could be tempting sometimes to stray into unnecessary spending and cost you more than you expected. If your budget does not allow for hiring the designer you can check for various websites online where the information on bedroom and furniture is provided free of cost. Obviously, who you choose to buy your furniture from can affect your budget so we have selected a few companies we like:



If these do not take your fancy then here is a list of 70 online furniture companies for you to choose from.


The bedroom is the place to revitalise and recharge. It’s that private space where every corner transforms solitude into cherishable moments. So take the time to think about your bedroom, how it makes you feel and – most importantly – how you want it to make you feel, and take some time to create the space you’ve always wanted for yourself!

How to organise your kitchen: 15 clever ways of maximising your space

Whether you’re pushed for space or simply like to know where everything is, we have some perfect ideas to help you organise your kitchen. From clever tricks to help maximise cupboard and cabinet space to smart ways of utilising your kitchen’s hidden storage potential – these inspiring tips will help make any kitchen perfectly organised. For more kitchen inspiration, check out our fitted kitchens page or kitchens gallery!

  1. Use clear containers so you can see what and how much of each item you have. Even if you think you’ll remember what’s in each jar – using a paint pen will not only help you label them but add a bit of creative flare to the process too!

clear jars organising kitchen ingredients

  1. Compartmentalise drawers and cupboards to store baking trays and chopping boards in a more space efficient way:

upright stacked oven trays for efficient kitchen cupboard storage


pull out kitchen cupboard storage

  1. There’s lots of wasted space in your kitchen – and the end of cupboards and inside of cabinet doors are just two. Use these spaces to hang spices shelves and racks and maximise your cupboard space:

kitchen spice rack hung on door

spice rack attacked to side of cupboard

  1. Running out of room in your kitchen cupboards? In a well-organised kitchen any space can be used as storage – including the ceiling! Make use of ceiling space with a hanging rack for your pots and pans:copper pots and pans hung over kitchen sinkor give yourself extra produce storage with hanging basketsfruit in hanging basket
  2. In a kitchen with limited worktop space you don’t want to clutter up the sides with decorative items you can’t use. Instead of useless items why not create a pretty display out of your most used items:kitchen items stored in tins and baskets
  3. Most people’s kitchens are the heart of the home and will be where you cook, clean and eat! Why not use the back of a kitchen or pantry door as a ‘command centre’ for your family? With a lick of blackboard paint and a planner – you’ll be organising the entire family – not just your kitchen!kitchen pantry door command centre
  4. Free up precious drawer space by using a magazine filer on the inside of a door to store cling film, tin foil and those other boxed items that take up room unnecessarilywooden storage box nailed to inside of kitchen cupboard for storing cling film
  5. Probably one of the most poorly utilised spaces in a kitchen is corner cupboards – normally these spaces are home to long forgotten colanders and pan lids. With a lazy susan installed where two cabinets meet – you can make excellent use of space for items you use all the timerotating cupboard to maximise corner cupboard space in kitchen
  6. Make using your kitchen easier by grouping like items – such as bakeware – together:grouping similar kitchen tools and utensils together such as bakeware
  7. Keep your frequently used items and utensils accessible by arranging them in a decorative pot or container – practical and pretty!kitchen utensils arranged in pretty pot
  8. Another space in every kitchen that tends to go to waste is shelving space. Luckily you can easily and cheaply pick up temporary shelves for your shelves so you can get the most out of your kitchen cupboards!metal shelving inside kitchen shelving to better make use of cupboard space
  9. Adding a kitchen cart or island is a great way of freeing up cupboard space and organising your kitchen. Kitchen islands are great for smaller kitchens – giving you extra storage, work space and some can even double up as a bin!kitchen cart for extra storage



kitchen cart with hidden bin

  1. Open shelves can look messy and unorganised but square baskets are a perfect addition to your kitchen to help you de-clutter and tidy up, whilst looking attractive too!square wicker baskets used to organise open kitchen shelving
  2. If you fancy a bit of DIY to help make your kitchen space work for you then why not install a peg board? You can hang almost anything on them from utensils and pans to chopping boards!peg board used to hang kitchen utensils and pots and pans
  3. Let’s not forget the lids to our pots and pans! A really efficient way of storing these is by using a plate rack – making it easy to organise by size and find what you need quickly!plate rack for organising kitchen pan lids


Do you have any ingenious ideas for organising you kitchen? Why not let us know in a comment below or via social, by messaging or posting us a picture on Twitter or Facebook!


Create Your Ideal Bathroom

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