Beautiful bi-fold door installation in Bromham

This recent kitchen renovation project in Bromham, just ten minutes away from our showroom in the heart of Bedford, was another beautiful transformation, in which we incorporated new bi-fold doors and elegant curved worktops and cupboards to create this stunning finish.

Over the course of 2017, the Kreative team have seen bi-fold doors drastically increase in popularity, and here you can see why. These sleek PVC bi-fold doors completely open up the kitchen space, allowing the curves on the interior décor to virtually extend into the outdoors and the furniture to utilise the floor space available, without feeling like the table in cramped in the corner.

The light that these doors will also let into the kitchen will also continue to brighten and open up the space, reflecting off the glossy, white cabinets and kitchen walls.

The cabinets and worktops that our kitchen fitters were chosen by our design team as the homeowner in Bromham wanted a kitchen worktop that flowed seamlessly throughout the room and connected the living area with the main cooking area.

The cabinets are made of sleek and easy to clean plastic material that also help create the modern feel of the room and the Quartz worktop was chosen for its resilience and similar sleek appearance. The primary kitchen features are all incorporated into the cupboards and cabinets for efficient use of space, keeping the worktops clear and neat, as well as adding to the chic aesthetic.

Finally, the client fell in love with our pretty pink kitchen appliances, such as the matching kettle and toaster which sit happily in the centre of the kitchen, where they are easily accessible for a quick cuppa anytime!

The kitchen fitting combined with the bi-fold door installation was an incredible success in terms of our customer’s satisfaction, and we couldn’t be happier with their response as well as the end result.

If you are looking to have your kitchen renovated and like what our design team achieved when working with this client, get in touch with our team to find out what sort of other designs we could offer you. We always work bespoke on every project, so whatever style you’re looking for, our kitchen designers have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the best layout and materials to use to achieve the kitchen of your dreams!

If you’d also like to browse more of our past projects, click here, or you can follow our blog where we will be frequently posting more case studies of the work we’ve done in and around Bedford. To find out more about the kitchen renovations we do, visit our kitchens page