6 Kitchen Designing Tips from the Design Team at Kreative Kitchens

There are so many things to keep in mind when redesigning your kitchen, but there are a few tips that our team at Kreative Kitchens have found particularly relevant in our recent work. Below are six kitchen designing tips that you should consider when revamping your kitchen and why!

Wide walkways

Wide walkways make everything easier and less cluttered or opt for an entirely open design if you have space. You can still create a cosy feel with the decor, but a decent width is needed for cooking areas and high traffic zones. 36 inches should be minimum for a regular walkway, then 42” for kitchens with just a single cook, and 48” for a busy kitchen.

Make things accessible

From considering the height and placement of appliances such as the microwave to planning your storage to assist ease of use, the little things you can plan now save time and energy later. Keep plates, cutlery and cups in cupboards near to the dishwasher, knives and chopping boards by the countertop surface you’d most like to use for preparing food and wraps and foil in handy slots or drawers near to any flat surface ready to wrap leftovers quickly.

Plan Each Surface Purpose

Know what you’re going to do where and you’ll save yourself a tonne of trouble later. One thing to consider is the purpose of your kitchen island, and whether you plan it to function as just a food preparation area or if you intend to use it as a breakfast bar, or another central focal piece of your kitchen (you can add chalkboard walls to the underside for the kids, for instance). If you wish to use it for dining, however, ensure you leave enough space for the cook to prepare food while others sit and eat.

Calculate Your Countertops

Allow 15 inches of space either side of the hob and refrigerator, and more space between the sink and your range if you require more counter surface. If you have kids you might also want to consider having countertops at two heights so they can get involved in the cooking.  

Place Your Pans

Arranging the cooking area around the hob can offer good ways to utilise space in your kitchen, as well as keep all your vital tools and ingredients in the right area. Add shelving by your hob to store oils, utensils and cooking herbs and spices, so that everything you need is all within reach for efficient cooking. You can also hang frequently used pans overhead using S Hooks to attached to the range hood, saving both time and space.

Make Materials Interesting

For a unique and interesting kitchen design, break up areas of wood or plastic with other materials such as glass, stone or another contrasting texture. This adds to the feel of your kitchen and can be used for drawing attention to certain areas, utilising windows to show off expensive glasses or crockery or putting the focus on the kitchen island.

We hope you enjoyed our six top tips, and come back again soon for more from our team.

The Interior Design Trends to Watch For in 2018

As the year has kicked off to a fantastic start, there is an exciting buzz around the developing design trends for 2018, and we’re here to bring you the best of our interior design forecast of the styles and features to come, noted from the kitchen and bedroom renovations we’ve done in the past year.

So let’s dive straight in! There’s so much to cover – let us know which of these trends you’ve already started noticing or trying out yourself:

1. Wallpaper designs

Backdrop designs will be big and bold. Earlier year have seen single dividers canvassed in an intense print. Hope to see whole rooms embellished with splendid and colourful patterns.


2. Colour Me a Hopeful Future

Bright, bold and idealistic! The very much regarded colour specialists at Pantone, known for their expertise in colours from visual communication and design to form and make up foresee the colour of the year will be ‘Honeysuckle’, also alluded to as Pantone 18-2120, go to their site to see it. They portray it as splendid but not strong, mirroring a feeling of confidence for a brighter future. Colour forecasters, including Pantone, anticipate profound colours like iron and block colours compared to recent pale, cool pastel favoured shades for interiors.


3. Furniture

It’s all about mixing it up. Watch out for vintage furniture, décor and other carefully chosen pieces from the seventies, eighties. Light fittings are one to watch in particular. When adding vintage or other styles of furniture into your home then it’s best to ensure that all features are high-quality. By ensuring that your furniture is provided by high-quality providers such as Lakeland Furniture then your furniture and interior design will match the quality of the rest of your home.


4. Technology

Households are becoming up more tech-savvy, and innovation is increasingly available. Home automation and innovations with voice technology such as Google Home and Amazon Echo are being integrated into homes wherever possible, and this is predicted to increase exponentially this year.

Smartphones and tablets are increasingly being utilized to remotely transmit music to an amplifier, control motorised blinds, control lights and kitchen appliances. These work via applications which integrate with smart lighting or smart devices to control features of your rooms down to the finest detail. 3D, HD quality TVs are regularly the central feature of living rooms, but the growth of augmented reality will likely mean that living rooms will have to become more spacious to accommodate virtual reality needs.

5. Eco-decorating

Hot for 2018 is the expansion of ecologically mindful decoration of homes, and working into the architecture itself. Designers are deciding on more ecologically stable building materials such as Accoya wood, a specialist engineered wood supplied by local joiners upon fitting as part of window casements and other home additions. Expansive windows are prevalent, and big bi-fold doors, including additional light and adding impact, while opening up the space and bringing the outside in.

A portion of the colours that have been brought into this industry in 2010 are eco colours: beiges, tans, and greens. Blending these tones with more common and modern tones can also complement the other greatly. Colours like purples, yellows, and blue’s work beautifully with this.


Green is known to be a very quieting colour, both physically and inwardly. The utilization of this colour in interior design can prompt an incredible, quiet and calm atmosphere. Yellow creates something more empowering and dynamic, but blending greens with accents of yellow also go well together conveying a more modern mix to a room.

Purples and orange also compliment earthly tones. Purple is known for its association with luxury and royalty, as well as sensuality, and relaxation. Being all the more rare in earlier years, violets and purples are becoming progressively well known in present-day design. Purple also gives way to fantasy and profundity, opening up rooms and helping create a dreamlike atmosphere. Orange can also be utilised unobtrusively to create articulations that really pop. Empowering social conduct, orange is exceedingly utilized as a part of kids’ rooms, but can also fill in as a pleasant point of convergence in rooms with complimentary colours around.


The interior design industry will of course bring us a few surprised I’m sure this year, but we hope you enjoyed our predictions for the trends to come in 2018. Ideally, we will keep on seeing a greater amount of these earthly tones in the future and it will be exciting to see how technology develop the way we design our kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

7 Tips for Creating An Open-Plan Kitchen-Diner

Today we will give you these 7 design ideas that will help you to create and design your open plan living room kitchen. These days open plan living is getting more and more prominent and it has helped to social activities like cooking. But to completely nail your plan for this new open plan kitchen dining family room you will need these tips.


1)     Try to plan out your space before taking decision


Before doing anything, you must look out for space and find out how much furniture you could insert into the place. if you are lacking space you could even think about taking out a wall that is obstructing your open plan living room kitchen. This also would help you to get an estimated revenue that you would have to spend.


2)     Find perfect layout


After planning out space, you can now plan for where you want to keep your cabinets and furniture. You should design a layout that utilizes the space best and is not crammed up as well. You should also decide what type of furniture like chair tables you would like to get which gives your open plan kitchen a modernistic and convenient look. On top of this, you should also install dining table in such a way that it feels like a more social occasion.


3)     Colour Scheme


The colour scheme of your furniture should complement the colour of your walls and kitchen cabinets. You can go with a modernistic look like using aluminium alloy metal appliances or stainless steel appliances complimented with grey and white combination of furniture and walls.


4)     Light


You should also think about the light sources of that would illuminate your open plan kitchen which would be preferred to be natural lighting. Your room should have adequate light from outside which can be achieved by changing your windows and doors. The more light would enter the room more beautiful and spacious would it feel.


5) Install more sliding drawer compartments


By installing sliding drawer compartment, you can save a lot of space and it would also help you to store more items without filling a lot of space with storage cabinets.


6) Use air freshener


Fresh air will add a different aura to your open plan kitchen and would also help to curb some of the smells or fragrances which you can get while cooking.


7) Use some professional help


Although these ideas would really help you to get the best out of your plans, but a professional opinion is always better as they could help you solve the problems you are facing and can even give you some inspiration better ideas. We hope these kitchen diner family room ideas give you some inspiration for your next kitchen transformation ideas, to build the open plan kitchen of your dream. Give us a call on 01234 300 023 or fill out our contact form if you have any further questions.


Kitchen Colour Schemes: What Colour Should I Paint My Kitchen?

Choosing room colours is perhaps the most troublesome step to take when renovating your home. But you should know that although there are plenty of colours and their shades to choose from, every room has its own ideal colour. This will help you with making the final choice even more.

The kitchen is its own deal when it comes to painting. To give you some idea of what your kitchen should look like, let’s examine the most common colour options you could pick from.



White will allow your kitchen to feel light and clear. We are talking not only about walls but all the furniture as well, although this is a matter of taste.

You can enforce the white by complementing the walls with white plastic stools, clock, small and big kitchen appliances, and generally anything you want. All-white kitchens look more high-tech and modern.



Being the most popular kitchen colour choice, grey is less bright than white and is a more neutral choice.

Some may find grey too cold, but with the right shade plus paint combination of your furniture and appliances, you can truly make wonders with this colour. Besides painting the walls, you can also think about getting a grey countertop or a cabinet.


Surely, the aggressive red colour is not appropriate for everyone’s taste, but it can indeed make something special out of your kitchen. Red works quite well with dark colours like black or deep grey.

You probably shouldn’t go for an all-red kitchen as it will too much of an eye pain. Red looks good with a little bit of white but will probably become a colourful mess if you try to pair it with yellow or blue.


Brown is another good neutral colour to paint your kitchen in. You could even attach some meaning to the brown paint because that colour is considered earthy.

Overall, brown can work well with almost any colours, but not with their brighter shades. Besides, keep in mind that brown paint and furniture will make your kitchen darker than it would be with other colours.



Blue is a desirable choice of a clear colour if you don’t like white. Not too overpowered shades can add attach clean and fresh looks to your kitchen. Almost anything could be painted in blue, including the walls, furniture, and maybe the ceiling.

But you should avoid using blue excessively and instead pair it with white and grey accents. Dark blue can be used as well, but with it, it would be more necessary to counteract its tones with white and similar colours.



Yellow is capable of instantly vivifying the kitchen. Some even believe that this colour can make you feel hungry but all in all, yellow is known to add an extra touch of cosiness to your kitchen!

Yellow will make the room look bigger and brighter as well. As with almost any other colour, you should pair it with some other paints. White and grey both work ideally with yellow.


We hope these ideas give you some inspiration for your next kitchen transformation, if you have any questions please do feel free to give us a ring with or ask us in our contact form for a quick reply from one of our experts.


4 Killer Tips to Make Kitchen Planning a Breeze

Remodeling your kitchen can be exciting and fun, but it can cause tears later if you don’t do the proper planning. Wanting a large granite covered island sounds great in theory, but needing space to move and therfore having an open plan kitchen might be the better option for your family.

Thoroughly thinking it through before hard-charging your kitchen remodel can save money and heartache later on. That’s why we’ve collaborated with NVS Kitchen and Bath, a kitchen designer and renovator from the US, to put together four key tips we think you should keep in mind when planning your kitchen remodel project!

1. Think Storage

The biggest complaint people make after their finished kitchen remodel is that they didn’t plan for more storage space. A great layout can look good on paper, but if it doesn’t do the job, it will cause some stress (and cramped cabinet space) down the road. Make sure to sit down and figure out all the storage you need. More storage could mean adding a walk-in pantry to your kitchen or getting a hidden spice rack or hanging pot holder. Either way, more storage the better when planning the layout!

2. Light The Way

What good is a kitchen if you can’t see it? Yup, many people complain about lack of lighting in their kitchen. Nothing beats natural lighting, but if you can’t add a window or the sun doesn’t reach that side of the house, you will need to consider some good lighting options. The options you have with lighting these days won’t leave you in the dark, and you don’t have to have all the lights on all the time. It is better to have too much light than not enough.

3. Make Way, Make Way, For Appliances

There is no such thing as too much countertop space. Make sure to give yourself room to work when designing your new kitchen. People forget how much room a coffee maker or a mixer can take up when they go to figure out their layout. Make sure to keep in mind everything you keep on the counters and things you might add to the list later.

4. Functional Flooring

Remember to look low when planning your kitchen project. A lot of people choose flooring that looks good yet isn’t user-friendly when it is actually installed. Looks can be deceiving because what looks good might not always be the best choice for your family. Make sure to ask your designer what floors are the easiest to clean and which ones aren’t as slippery (if you have little ones). You can find great looking flooring options that fit your needs and wants.

Remember – designing your dream kitchen can and should be fun! Choosing the color choices and browsing ideas online can be exciting, but can also keep you from considering options that will actually make a difference and often design experts can give you some real tips on what materials and functionality might work best for you. Make sure you keep these tips in mind before you make your final decision, and don’t be left in the dark on your kitchen remodel!

If you’d like to find out more about how the designers at Kreative Kitchens can help you with your next kitchen remodel, call the team now on 01234 300023 or leave us a message via our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Beautiful bi-fold door installation in Bromham

This recent kitchen renovation project in Bromham, just ten minutes away from our showroom in the heart of Bedford, was another beautiful transformation, in which we incorporated new bi-fold doors and elegant curved worktops and cupboards to create this stunning finish.

Over the course of 2017, the Kreative team have seen bi-fold doors drastically increase in popularity, and here you can see why. These sleek PVC bi-fold doors completely open up the kitchen space, allowing the curves on the interior décor to virtually extend into the outdoors and the furniture to utilise the floor space available, without feeling like the table in cramped in the corner.

The light that these doors will also let into the kitchen will also continue to brighten and open up the space, reflecting off the glossy, white cabinets and kitchen walls.

The cabinets and worktops that our kitchen fitters were chosen by our design team as the homeowner in Bromham wanted a kitchen worktop that flowed seamlessly throughout the room and connected the living area with the main cooking area.

The cabinets are made of sleek and easy to clean plastic material that also help create the modern feel of the room and the Quartz worktop was chosen for its resilience and similar sleek appearance. The primary kitchen features are all incorporated into the cupboards and cabinets for efficient use of space, keeping the worktops clear and neat, as well as adding to the chic aesthetic.

Finally, the client fell in love with our pretty pink kitchen appliances, such as the matching kettle and toaster which sit happily in the centre of the kitchen, where they are easily accessible for a quick cuppa anytime!

The kitchen fitting combined with the bi-fold door installation was an incredible success in terms of our customer’s satisfaction, and we couldn’t be happier with their response as well as the end result.

If you are looking to have your kitchen renovated and like what our design team achieved when working with this client, get in touch with our team to find out what sort of other designs we could offer you. We always work bespoke on every project, so whatever style you’re looking for, our kitchen designers have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the best layout and materials to use to achieve the kitchen of your dreams!

If you’d also like to browse more of our past projects, click here, or you can follow our blog where we will be frequently posting more case studies of the work we’ve done in and around Bedford. To find out more about the kitchen renovations we do, visit our kitchens page