The Interior Design Trends to Watch For in 2018

As the year has kicked off to a fantastic start, there is an exciting buzz around the developing design trends for 2018, and we’re here to bring you the best of our interior design forecast of the styles and features to come, noted from the kitchen and bedroom renovations we’ve done in the past year.

So let’s dive straight in! There’s so much to cover – let us know which of these trends you’ve already started noticing or trying out yourself:

1. Wallpaper designs

Backdrop designs will be big and bold. Earlier year have seen single dividers canvassed in an intense print. Hope to see whole rooms embellished with splendid and colourful patterns.


2. Colour Me a Hopeful Future

Bright, bold and idealistic! The very much regarded colour specialists at Pantone, known for their expertise in colours from visual communication and design to form and make up foresee the colour of the year will be ‘Honeysuckle’, also alluded to as Pantone 18-2120, go to their site to see it. They portray it as splendid but not strong, mirroring a feeling of confidence for a brighter future. Colour forecasters, including Pantone, anticipate profound colours like iron and block colours compared to recent pale, cool pastel favoured shades for interiors.


3. Furniture

It’s all about mixing it up. Watch out for vintage furniture, décor and other carefully chosen pieces from the seventies, eighties. Light fittings are one to watch in particular. When adding vintage or other styles of furniture into your home then it’s best to ensure that all features are high-quality. By ensuring that your furniture is provided by high-quality providers such as Lakeland Furniture then your furniture and interior design will match the quality of the rest of your home.


4. Technology

Households are becoming up more tech-savvy, and innovation is increasingly available. Home automation and innovations with voice technology such as Google Home and Amazon Echo are being integrated into homes wherever possible, and this is predicted to increase exponentially this year.

Smartphones and tablets are increasingly being utilized to remotely transmit music to an amplifier, control motorised blinds, control lights and kitchen appliances. These work via applications which integrate with smart lighting or smart devices to control features of your rooms down to the finest detail. 3D, HD quality TVs are regularly the central feature of living rooms, but the growth of augmented reality will likely mean that living rooms will have to become more spacious to accommodate virtual reality needs.

5. Eco-decorating

Hot for 2018 is the expansion of ecologically mindful decoration of homes, and working into the architecture itself. Designers are deciding on more ecologically stable building materials such as Accoya wood, a specialist engineered wood supplied by local joiners upon fitting as part of window casements and other home additions. Expansive windows are prevalent, and big bi-fold doors, including additional light and adding impact, while opening up the space and bringing the outside in.

A portion of the colours that have been brought into this industry in 2010 are eco colours: beiges, tans, and greens. Blending these tones with more common and modern tones can also complement the other greatly. Colours like purples, yellows, and blue’s work beautifully with this.


Green is known to be a very quieting colour, both physically and inwardly. The utilization of this colour in interior design can prompt an incredible, quiet and calm atmosphere. Yellow creates something more empowering and dynamic, but blending greens with accents of yellow also go well together conveying a more modern mix to a room.

Purples and orange also compliment earthly tones. Purple is known for its association with luxury and royalty, as well as sensuality, and relaxation. Being all the more rare in earlier years, violets and purples are becoming progressively well known in present-day design. Purple also gives way to fantasy and profundity, opening up rooms and helping create a dreamlike atmosphere. Orange can also be utilised unobtrusively to create articulations that really pop. Empowering social conduct, orange is exceedingly utilized as a part of kids’ rooms, but can also fill in as a pleasant point of convergence in rooms with complimentary colours around.


The interior design industry will of course bring us a few surprised I’m sure this year, but we hope you enjoyed our predictions for the trends to come in 2018. Ideally, we will keep on seeing a greater amount of these earthly tones in the future and it will be exciting to see how technology develop the way we design our kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.