Kitchen Colour Schemes: What Colour Should I Paint My Kitchen?

Choosing room colours is perhaps the most troublesome step to take when renovating your home. But you should know that although there are plenty of colours and their shades to choose from, every room has its own ideal colour. This will help you with making the final choice even more.

The kitchen is its own deal when it comes to painting. To give you some idea of what your kitchen should look like, let’s examine the most common colour options you could pick from.



White will allow your kitchen to feel light and clear. We are talking not only about walls but all the furniture as well, although this is a matter of taste.

You can enforce the white by complementing the walls with white plastic stools, clock, small and big kitchen appliances, and generally anything you want. All-white kitchens look more high-tech and modern.



Being the most popular kitchen colour choice, grey is less bright than white and is a more neutral choice.

Some may find grey too cold, but with the right shade plus paint combination of your furniture and appliances, you can truly make wonders with this colour. Besides painting the walls, you can also think about getting a grey countertop or a cabinet.


Surely, the aggressive red colour is not appropriate for everyone’s taste, but it can indeed make something special out of your kitchen. Red works quite well with dark colours like black or deep grey.

You probably shouldn’t go for an all-red kitchen as it will too much of an eye pain. Red looks good with a little bit of white but will probably become a colourful mess if you try to pair it with yellow or blue.


Brown is another good neutral colour to paint your kitchen in. You could even attach some meaning to the brown paint because that colour is considered earthy.

Overall, brown can work well with almost any colours, but not with their brighter shades. Besides, keep in mind that brown paint and furniture will make your kitchen darker than it would be with other colours.



Blue is a desirable choice of a clear colour if you don’t like white. Not too overpowered shades can add attach clean and fresh looks to your kitchen. Almost anything could be painted in blue, including the walls, furniture, and maybe the ceiling.

But you should avoid using blue excessively and instead pair it with white and grey accents. Dark blue can be used as well, but with it, it would be more necessary to counteract its tones with white and similar colours.



Yellow is capable of instantly vivifying the kitchen. Some even believe that this colour can make you feel hungry but all in all, yellow is known to add an extra touch of cosiness to your kitchen!

Yellow will make the room look bigger and brighter as well. As with almost any other colour, you should pair it with some other paints. White and grey both work ideally with yellow.


We hope these ideas give you some inspiration for your next kitchen transformation, if you have any questions please do feel free to give us a ring with or ask us in our contact form for a quick reply from one of our experts.